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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I haven't tried this for a while-

But I've noticed in my visitor log that I'm getting a semi-regular visitor from Haughton, Louisiana. This visitor is coming to see me from Possumblog and I don't know who it might be, so, I'm asking you to say hi in the comments and introduce yourself.

I'm a former Haughton resident myself, having lived out there with my family in 2 different places when we first moved to Utah in 1989. Its a nice little town with lots of big pine trees in the yards and it was pretty rural while we lived there. I'm reminded that we had a resident woodpecker in our neighborhood that would intently hammer on the metal mailboxes like he was getting paid to make noise. He obviously wasn't banging to dig bugs out of holes so we were pretty sure he just liked the attention.

Anyway, Haughton visitor, don't be shy. Jump in and leave a comment or two and tell us what you like here at Wasted Electrons.

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